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Webinars from PCIM Europe digital days
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Another PCIM Europe in the books, this time completely digital. SEMIKRON followed suit with online presentations and webinars to showcase the latest product updates.
This year, we presented our eMPack as a solution for Automotive traction applications with two presentations in the eMoblity Forum by Oliver Tamm and Ingo Rabl.
Also Stefan Häuser, Bernhard Eichler und Emiliano Meza held two live webinars about our solutions for tomorrow's smart grid and the high power modules in the field of renewables and drives.
If you had no chance to attend PCIM or our webinars, we have put together video summaries for you on our website.
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Live Webinar Videos
Power Modules: Driving Tomorrow’s Smart Grid
Power Modules: Driving Tomorrow’s Smart Grid
The grid is changing from large, centralized power plants with passive loads to smaller, decentralized renewables with more active loads. With this more intelligent grid, power electronics driving the grid require higher efficiency and power density in a reliable package. During this webinar, SEMIKRON displays the latest developments enabled by generation 7 IGBTs and Silicon Carbide chipsets.
For drives and UPS, SEMIKRON’s Generation 7 IGBT portfolio offers efficiency in industrial standard packages. In applications requiring increased power density and efficiency, such as energy storage and EV charging, the latest SiC portfolio is now available. For Solar, achieve low cost and efficient designs by combining SiC and the latest IGBTs.
Modules for High(er) Power Renewables and Drives
Modules for High(er) Power Renewables and Drives
As the power of renewable applications grows, there is an increasing demand for high(er) power modules and IPMs. SEMIKRON presents their latest product line-up for renewable energies and high power drives in this webinar.
This webinar includes the increased power rating of SEMITRANS 10, the new SEMITRANS 10+ and the latest SEMITRANS 20 product family with highest power density, ideal for paralleling and scaling. The high power SKiiP 4 IPMs will also be showcased with the new High Performance Cooler.
e-Mobility Forum Videos
Technology to Build Scalable and Highly Effcient Traction Inverters
Technology to Build Scalable and Highly Effcient Traction Inverters
Scalable, compact, highly reliable, efficient... these are some of the attributes passenger car manufactures require for e-drive system power electronics. Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology is the foundation for efficient power conversion but the specific features of SiC require an optimized module design with respect to electrical and thermal performance as well enhanced thermal cycling robustness. eMPack® power modules based on Semikrons fully sintered direct pressed technology (DPD) is addressing these requirements.
Demonstrating the Benefits of eMPack Modules Using eMPack Application Kit
Demonstrating the Benefits of eMPack Modules Using eMPack Application Kit
Our eMPack power modules are perfect for automotive e-drive systems. SEMIKRON's Application Kits offer an easy way to get started with the eMPack in a short time in the customer's lab. There is no need to think about technical details like optimized gate resistors or any other kind of adaptation of the driver board to the eMPack modules. Available for different semiconductor technologies and blocking voltages the Application Kits reduce the time to get started significantly and are hence the perfect tool to evaluate different power ratings and semiconductor technologies.
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