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Thermal Resistance of Power Modules
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Understanding how heat flows out of a power module is crucial for power design. This webinar explains how thermal resistance is derived by a power module manufacturer, some techniques used for measurement, and how the values given in a datasheet can vary between module types and manufacturers.
​​​​​​​Additionally, the concept of thermal coupling and how operating modes influence thermal resistance will be discussed.
Key Take-Aways

Learn how thermal resistance is defined for SEMIKRON modules.
Discover how thermal resistance can vary with operating mode.
Understand the parameters on a power module datasheet.
This free webinar on July 27, 2021 at 16:00 CEST is a natural extension to the previous webinar “How to Read an IGBT Datasheet.”
Did you miss the previous webinar? Watch the recording here.
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Paul Drexhage
Applications Manager