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3-Level Power Modules
3-Level Power Modules
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SEMIKRON 3-level power modules are the right choice whenever the quality of a voltage output signal is important in an application. With 3-level topologies the requirement for output filtering can be reduced as the line-to-line output voltage contains less harmonic distortion with the same switching frequency, leading to lower filter and system cost. Additionally the inverter losses are reduced and thus system efficiency increases.
SEMIKRON has over 10 years experience in 3-level applications, providing 650V, 1200V and 1700V 3-level solutions in both NPC and TNPC topologies with a variety of packages and contact technologies. This allows SEMIKRON to create perfectly tailored 3-level modules for every application, with dedicated chipsets ranging from medium power IGBTs up to fast switching silicon carbide devices.
SEMIKRON therefore enables you to take full advantage of 3-level technology and provides you with full application and design-in support with sophisticated simulation tools, evaluation PCBs and even a fully assembled 3-level evaluation system.
Yours faithfully
Andy Cross
Andy Cross
Business Development Manager
3-Level Power Modules
3-Level Power Modules
SEMIKRON have the widest portfolio of 3-level power modules available today with over 30 types within the popular SEMITOP®, MiniSKiiP®, SEMITRANS®, SKiM® and SEMiX® packages.
The latest 3-level product, SEMiX®5, brings NPC and T-NPC topologies to the industry standard 17mm profile range that also includes diode and half controlled rectifier bridges as well as half bridge and full bridge IGBT modules.
For more information on our 3-level portfolio, or any SEMIKRON product, please click here or browse the SEMIKRON website.
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