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Our New Successful Power Semiconductor Selection Tool
Dear Sir or Madam, 
Meeting the demands of higher efficiency or more compact design with increased power density, while ensuring short time-to-market and meeting cost targets are but a few of the challenges facing power electronic developers. They have to select the right components in a market with huge product diversity. This is where SemiSel comes in, an efficient selection tool that will help product developers make the right decisions. SemiSel remains the most comprehensive free tool of its kind and can be used to investigate different power electronic circuits under different operating conditions – and provides a good balance between user-friendliness, complex functions, and speed.
So if you have ever asked yourself: “Have I selected the right power semiconductors?”, you should now check out SemiSel - SEMIKRON‘s simulation tool for losses and temperatures, the perfect aid to help you select the right power semiconductors for the specific needs of your application.
Arendt Wintrich
Kind regards,
Dr. Arendt Wintrich
Field Application Manager
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With SemiSel, all SEMIKRON products can be simulated completely anonymously and without registration. After registration, however, SemiSel unfolds its true capabilities. Beyond basic functions like saving simulation results or loading simulations from a previous session, there is so much more in store! The new export feature means simulations can be shared with colleagues or customers, for example. Device parameters can be changed to allow you to investigate switching losses for different gate resistors or the influence of maximum forward voltage.

Key Features

SemiSel Key Features
26 different power electronic circuits can be simulated
Simulations with different degrees of complexity
From simple nominal conditions to complex mission profiles
Cooling conditions for air and liquid cooled systems
Efficiency and temperatures at a glance
Advanced Features
SemiSel Advanced Features
Save simulations or load from a previous session
Share simulations with colleagues or customers
Modification options for device properties
Stay in touch with our SemiSel support team
And much more
SemiSel at a glance