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Compliment Solar with Optimised Energy Storage
Dear Sir or Madam, 
With Solar + Storage becoming a growing trend, energy storage converters must consider the requirements of solar.
For AC-coupled systems, a bidirectional AC/DC converter is required. SEMIKRON offers a portfolio of power modules with topologies, which increase efficiency while both charging and discharging the batteries.
We will also discuss DC/DC topologies for DC-coupled systems, which can pair with 3-Level solar inverters. In order to meet 1500VDC designs, SEMIKRON now offers the latest 950V Generation 7 IGBTs with optimised designs for improved performance.
Lastly, we will discuss implementing Silicon Carbide in an intelligent way to improve efficiency and power density while keeping costs to a minimum.
Key Take-Aways

Which topologies are advantageous for AC- and DC-coupled systems?
How are the latest Generation 7 IGBTs optimized for storage designs?
How is Silicon Carbide integrated to balance cost and performance?​​​​​​​
Join our free webinar on December 15, 2020 at 16:00 CET and see SEMIKRON has solutions to meet your needs, whether AC- or DC-coupling.
Stay healthy,
Emiliano Meza
Product Marketing Manager
Power Electronics for Energy Storage Systems