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Improve Performance by 25% while Reducing Cost in Wind Converters
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Designing a reliable wind converter is an increasingly difficult task with the ever-growing power requirements. The highly reliable, sintered SKiiP 4 has had a power boost. This highly integrated package now provides a further 25% increase in power.
SKiiP is a proven platform with millions of units in the field, allowing for continuous improvement to reliability and performance. Design effort is reduced through an integrated package including power module, driver, current sensors & cooler. Reliability is increased with sintering and solderless pressure contact technology, eliminating solder fatigue. Additionally, the baseplate-less design reduces chip temperatures and mechanical stress from temperature swings.
The latest SKiiP 4 allows for improved reliability and performance in a backward compatible package. The new High Performance Cooling (HPC) technology achieves this by reducing thermal resistance from chip to coolant. Chip configurations can also be specifically tailored for reduced chip temperature swing in line- and rotor-side converters.
Key Take-Aways

Learn how to exploit the full performance potential of a SKiiP 4 with sintered chips to reach up to 25% more output power.
Understand how a solution based on SKiiP 4 can be optimized for generator side wind converters.
Learn how the SKiiP 4 on a High Performance Cooler can fit into your custom mechanical constructions and reach unprecedented compactness of converter designs.​​​​​​​
Get in touch with SEMIKRON to customize a SKiiP 4 for your special power, performance or IGBT driver setup and requirements.​​​​​​​
Attend this free webinar on January 26, 2021 at 16:00 CET to learn how you can take advantage of these improvements and leverage SEMIKRON highly integrated solutions for high power converters.
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Marco Honsberg
Senior Manager Product Management IPM / Electronics / Stacks
Power Electronics for Wind Turbines