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SemiSel 5 - Simplify Power Semiconductor Selection
Dear Sir or Madam, 
Power electronics engineers understand the complexity of power module selection for their specific applications. With SemiSel 5, SEMIKRON offers a new simulation tool to ease this burden. Starting with a blank sheet of paper, our team created SemiSel 5 around the needs of power electronics developers. With its brand new user interface, power module selection is even easier through only five simple steps.
In the first section of this webinar, Martin Röblitz will guide you through the new features of SemiSel 5. He will also show which additional features are available especially for registered users and how they make SemiSel even better.
In the second section, we will run a complete simulation together. In only five steps, we will get from the selection of the topology to the detailed analysis of the simulation results. Afterward, we will have plenty of time for your questions.
With this knowledge, you will have the ability to select the power modules you need faster and with more confidence.
Key Take-Aways:

Find out about the new SemiSel 5 features
Discover how SemiSel simplifies module selection for power electronics development
Learn about additional SemiSel features for registered users, such as the offline client​​​​​​​
Stay healthy,
Martin Röblitz
Senior Application Engineer
SemiSel 5 at a Glace