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Operation & Maintenance - A Stack Success Story
Dear Sir or Madam, 
SEMIKRON is the global market leader for power electronic stacks, supplying the world’s leading electrical companies. After establishing ourselves in the repower market, SEMIKRON is ready to tell you our secret: stack design.
With over 200,000 stacks in the field, SEMIKRON offers extensive experience to OEMs, utilities and aftermarket companies.
This webinar explains how we increased wind turbine lifetime with a more reliable replacement stack. In addition, this webinar also features the capabilities of our SEMIKRON Stacks Centres for solving customer challenges.
Key Take-Aways:

How are reliable designs developed for the repower market?
How does SEMIKRON increase lifetime with the latest technology?
What are the capabilities of SEMIKRON’s worldwide Stack Centre Network?​​​​​​​
Stay healthy,
Timo Gassauer
Head of Product Line Stacks
Power Electronic Stacks